Semtec partners limited
Training and Consultancy Service
Specialists in: Intelligence I Security and Asset Protection I Law Enforcement Training and Review


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Semtec Partners specialises in providing consultancy in the areas of:

Law Enforcement and Intelligence

Asset protection

Internal  security

Counter corruption

Insider threat management


Market Access

Advanced Product Notification

Early Access

Rare and Orphan diseases

Specialised Commissioning

Pharma Industry Partnerships

Semtec complete review work for the UK Home Office and Police Ombudsman. We offer discreet, intrusive and thorough review services in areas such as organisational structure and operational effectiveness. We can conduct full investigation and reporting following compromise or adverse events

Our healthcare consultants provide each provide over 15 years experience in successfully supporting the NHS and pharma/biotech industry clients in managed entry for rare and orphan diseases and rare cancer medicines. Providing expertly managed projects and acting as an effective interface for your product or partnership

Semtec places intelligence management for the public and private sector as its primary focus to effectively exploit intelligence opportunities and manage threat and risk management

We can provide efficient , cost effective solutions to your healthcare needs; NHS and private pharma/biotech partnerships

Semtec provides highly specialist trainers and facilitators to national law enforcement training providers in the UK and overseas

Semtec are proud to be  part of Global University Systems and are developing a range of training solutions for overseas clients.

Our healthcare consultants are proud to have worked with;

NHS England

Scottish Medicines Consortium

All Wales Medicines

And private sector pharma  and biotech industry